Some of our Skin Care Products are Patent Pending, therefore we are providing a complete list of all the ingredients used in our formulas instead of listing them individually for each product. Please review this list carefully to insure that You are not Allergic to them prior to your purchase.

Ingredient List:

Aloe Vera Gel 

certified organic Avocado oil                                     

 certified organic Virgin Coconut oil

 certified organic Cocoa butter                                        

Coffee bean extract                             

Cupuacu butter                                     

certified organic Calendula oil             

 organic Grape seed oil            

 Grapefruit seed extract                                            

certified organic Evening Primrose oil 

certified organic Hemp seed oil            

Illipe butter                                          

Kokum butter 

Lavender absolute                                        

organic Licorice root extract                   

organic Lemon peel extract

 organic Macadamia nut oil

green coffee bean

organic curly leaf Parsley

certified organic Pumpkin seed oil

certified organic Pomegranate fruit and seed

Rice bran oil

organic Rose absolute

certified organic Rose Hip seed oil

certified organic Red Raspberry fruit and seed extract

Saffron thread extract

certified organic Tamanu Oil

certified organic Witch Hazel leaf extract

vitamins: beta carotene, pro vitamin A, DMAE,
 Niacinamide, Ester C, Citric acid.

C as;Ascorbic Acid, Acerola Cherry Powder,Ferulic acid,

 vit.E as; Alpha,Beta,Gamma,Delta, R Lipoic Acid.

Essential Oils:


Clary Sage

Clove Bud



Lemongrass cert. organic


Organic Peppermint


Sweet Orange

Tee Tree

Organic Rosemary