Skin Care Tips

Perfect Skin AwaitsPerfect Skin Awaits:

Because our skin is designed to protect us and our internal organs it is important to understand its complexities.

We have all heard; “You are what you eat”, but what exactly does that mean?

Basically, our skin absorbs and releases everything it comes in contact with through pores. It is truly amazing, how effectively our skin does its job.

Let's assume, that if we eat healthy, nutritious food and drink that for the most part our skin will be happy and healthy, thus being able to protect us while looking great at the same time.

Well today, in this world, it has become extremely difficult to receive healthy foods. In part because most corporations have made profit their priority instead of the consumer's needs. Then add the FDA's  lack of regulation for product safety, by allowing product labeling to be less than truthful.

Then there are products imported from other countries, that are not going through the quality testing that the United States requires, and the list goes on. In a nut shell, we may think we are giving our bodies the healthy nutrition it needs, but for most of us, the odds are stacked against us.

Now let's look at what  our skin has to endure on the outside.

For the same reasons as stated above we are having great difficulty providing our skin healthy nutrients as well as protection from the elements such as; pollution, toxins,bacteria, mold and now even hormone dissrupters.

With newer technologies, it is possible to recreate complex skin care products using antioxidants and even vitamins that are synthetic. This is very problematic in fact, new research has shown that some vitamins taken internally are useless for the body. However take into account that the testing was Not done on 100% natural vitamins, it makes perfect sense why the scientific community would conclude there is no real value in vitamins.  There is also combined evidence that sunscreens on the market are actually doing more Harm than good.

In part this is due to chemical laden sunscreens, some of which are absorbed  through the skin and into the bloodstream. As more people are lathering on sunscreen, Skin Cancer is increasing, and much younger people are suffering from this deadly disease.

While all of these issues are cause for concern, there is Hope. We can and should become educated about what we  are eating, as well as what is being applied to our skin. This is why Natures Magic Skin Care was created; to help people truly be safe from poison, while giving them everything their skin needs and Nothing it doesn't.